Classes are offered at H'ART & Soul Studios for ages five and up.  They are stress free and fun. Studio members engage in a positive group experience where you are treated like an adult but will feel like a kid.  It is a nonjudgmental environment where everyone is treated with respect and expected to treat each other the same.  It not about the product but more about the process and how proud the kids while admiring their completed works of art proven by the smiles on their faces.  Art expression is not just about the end product but the countless improvements it makes to one’s life in various areas that include the ability to focus, count blessings, understand math, broaden creative awareness,  see things from another perspective, increase tolerance levels, self-confidence, self-worth and self-esteem, as well as learn to enjoy and love life a little better…………… The Power of Art.


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A little bit about Me...

I am the former founder, owner and director of Color My World Art Center previously located in Ocean Township where we offered programs created to build confidence and self-esteem in all ages. Witnessing firsthand the value and powerful positive impact art can have on one’s mind and well-being, I wanted to once again offer art programs that accommodated all ages with a place to they could let go of everything for a moments time to allow time to be in the here and now and recognize the importance of taking time to smell the roses.

Experiencing the power of art’ from the time I was about 8 years old and witnessing first hand the profound effects it had on so many for so many different reasons, I closed the studio in 2006 to pursue my Master’s in Psychological Mental Health Counseling.  While getting my degree, I worked 7 years for the District of Long Branch supporting special education students in K-12 and the Alternate Academy as well as those on the spectrum and with special needs in a post-grad program that taught life skills and work etiquette while on the job.  Since getting my Master’s,  I worked hard as a licensed associate professional counselor as well as a CACREC accredited Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC) and certified Disaster Recovery Crisis Counselor (NJDRCCC).  In addition to running the studio and working as a housing counselor, disaster recovery case manager for Sandy survivors and a foreclosure prevention counselor, I am a referral counselor for the Division of Child Protection & Permanency with Gateway Professional Counseling Services under the supervision of its founder David Beneduci. While working as an LAC for Gateway PCS I am acquiring needed hours to become a Licensed Professional Counselor.

For the past four and a half years I counseled Sandy Survivors in their efforts to rebuild and recover their homes and restore basic needs by providing an oscillating list of services that include counseling, guidance, education and recovery options as well as unmet needs funding when available.

I also hold a NJ DOE School Counselor’s Certificate and CE to teach both K-6 and Students with Disabilities.  Since my mom was an art teacher at Deal Elementary I have grown up with art in my life.  I have devoted a large part of my adult years creating art programs and techniques to help individuals process and release internal struggles and interferences without having to sometimes say a word.  Art provides relaxation by allowing individuals to release let go and release kempt up feelings that are many times too painful to discuss or express with words.  Art helps individuals feel good about his/her self when undeserved, unwanted or unexpected struggles interfere with their abilities to enjoy a healthy childhood or life.  Whether you come to enjoy art for what it is or want to help a loved one who doesn’t seem happy, suffers from social awkwardness or is struggling with how to survive when being bullied or when trying to ‘fit in’ or maybe is trying to understand a parent’s struggles or choices to use negative coping mechanisms, I often use art as a modality to help you deal with issues that impact self-worth, sense of purpose, social or school related issues.  I look forward to meeting you.



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