Programs for Adults


Choose a project, relax and paint while sipping on your beverage of choice. Our studio holds up to 49 adults for pottery and 36 for canvas comfortably in our two combined large rooms. The center room can be set up for a food and drink spread


Paint Your Own Pottery

Up to 10 friends -$350 - Gather your friends and come paint til you faint in the two 1/2 hours for which you have reserved the studio giving ample time to paint drink, laugh and have fun.  This party choice includes choosing from a huge selection of pottery pieces valued at $30 or less.  If you pick a piece that's more, no worries, the additional dollars can be paid by the painter that night. You and your friends can paint til you faint in the two hours of time allotted that Includes the pottery piece, paint, tools, use of stencils, stamps, detail writers, the room of your choice and a friendly staff person to help with ideas, procedures and techniques. You bring the food, the drinks and the paper products, the utensils as well as your favorite spirits and enjoy the night out. This party does not include guided instruction.  Add additional last minute guests for $30 each plus tax each. This party needs to be paid in advance with no refunds.

Guided instruction for POP - Prices start at $30 per person but is determined depending on pottery piece chosen.

Canvas Painting

$40 per person minimum 10 people Same as above with the guest of honor choosing a guided project. This party includes an instructor as well as helpful staff members.  A mini cheese platter is included along with cups and ice for your drinks.  You bring the beverages, snacks and paper products.  If you forget something, ask because we just might have what you need to be purchased for your convenience.


Prices start at up to 20 people for $800 and add $40 per person.

Adult parties include two hours of studio time, smocks to protect your clothing, and a designated area for food and drinks.  If you want an additional hour to open gifts additional studio time each additional hour can be added for $100.  We clean the art mess and only ask that you 'help' to clean the food area so we don't throw away any wanted items.  Clean-up begins 15 minutes prior to your party time being over to avoid additional studio time fees.


The Art of Cupcake and Cake Decorating
Parent child workshops - $30 for two hours of fun as you learn how to make various designs using various design tips.  All materials are included and students get to leave with either six cupcakes or a cake for the rest of the family to marvel over.

  • Please add $5 for One set of tools provided for class use


Family Abstract

This painting workshop offers two fun filled hours of creative design blast. Each member gets their own 12”x12” canvas to paint that when you go home can be “mosaic’ed” together for over the fireplace or wall of your choice.  This workshop comparable to a night out at the movies makes for a great conversation piece and a great memory for years to come.


Corporate Team Building

This is a great corporate employee activity.  Whether you send valued employees that never put the keyboard down, have conflict issues, dealing with personal problems or just to make sure your employees are taking time to smell the roses, this team building workshop offers employees an opportunity to get it out and let it out in a ‘free from judgement’ environment while getting to know others in the company they otherwise wouldn’t get to meet.  Each employee gets to boast their creative side as they each paint a tile (President can choose colors of choice maybe that match the logo of the company) which will be fired and returned or a 12” x 12” canvas.  Art pieces can be individually worked or each employee can participate in the design of each individual piece.  The choice is left up to the group. Next employees can come back to work as a team as they decide how to place the tiles or canvas to create a great mosaic piece to be displayed in your entrance or corporate foyer.  The message of the art is to demonstrate that every employee contributes to paint a bigger picture. The bigger picture isn’t complete without every employee’s contribution.