Programs, Parties and Camps for Kids!


Wouldn't it be cool to have a place to go to paint and have images magically appear, a place that can capture your feelings in time to have forever ....... something even the most innovative of inventions could never make happen .... the power of art.

Our classes are stress free and fun.  Kids get together to engage in a positive group experience where everyone is treated with respect and naturally treat each other the same while learning how to draw or paint. It not about the product but more about the process and how proud the kids feel while admiring their completed works of art proven by the smiles on their faces.  Our classes also help children to develop their ability to focus, concentrate and challenge their creative side while even developing mathematical skills but shhhhh we won't tell them that part! : )

Come paint and personalize a bank for a loved one, teacher or friend because nothing says ‘thank you’ or ‘I love you’ better than a handmade gift.

Our educated and friendly staff are there to help you with questions, ideas and techniques you are interested in learning. Groups of 6 or more can call ahead and reserve a special table or section for your special gathering.


Drawing Class

For beginners or those with a born talent, the drawing class teaches basics that allow the artist to use basic shapes together to make images, scenes and popular cartoon characters.  Classes will also teach perspective, shading and texturing to make drawings the best they can be.

Classes are by the month
$125 per month plus $20 for materials.  
Wednesday Ages 5 - 7     4:00-5:00
Wednesday Ages 8-13      5:00-6:00



Classes are for beginners or for those with a born talent each encouraged to grow from their own abilities. We provide the materials that include 4 ply poster surfaces that can be matted and framed or neatly collected in a portfolio, paint, brushes and a smock.  Paintings are instructor’s choice but often include input from the students as classes progress.  Projects may include scenery, still life, and impressionistic and abstract.

$150 per month plus $25 for materials
Tuesdays Ages 5-7      4:00-5:00
Thursday Ages 8-13     4:00-5:30


Ceramic & Mosaic Walk-Ins Available for All Ages.




Summer Camps

Ages 8-13 – A week of Art Camp!

Half day (3 hours) $180 plus $50 materials
Full day 7 hours $320 plus $100 materials

July 30       :   9 to 12 & 1-4
August 6    :    9 to 12 & 1-4
August 13   :    9 to 12 & 1-4 

August 20 :     9 to 12 & 1-4

Students arrive and get ready for their day of art that can include painting, mosaics, ceramics, drawing and more. $50 materials fee includes everything needed to complete beautiful projects sure to make them and you feel proud, their own art apron, cap and set of brushes. 

We take one break in the morning and one in the afternoon.  For those who wish to stay the entire day they can pack a lunch and stay between the morning and afternoon sessions with others who choose to do the same and enjoy free time and fun time to chat with new friends and those they signed up with. Camp includes two projects in the morning and two in the afternoon. For an additional fee, students can stay and watch the 4pm movie of the day to wind down as they wait for you to get home from work.

Groups of six or more can feel free to bring their own beverages.
Groups of ten or more can bring beverages and their favorite dishes to make the gathering extra special.
Groups of ten or more and we’ll supply the plastic cups, paper plates and napkins and you supply the fun.  We just ask that you clean up the area you used.

Groups include project and group discussion on topics that empower and develop self-confidence, self-esteem, self-worth and purpose.



Groups begin April 1st and are payable by the month at $60 per session.

Ages 18 to 24 – Young Adults on the Spectrum or with special needs - Tuesday nights 7:00-8:30 This group gives those with special needs and a desire to be included and supported an opportunity to meet new friends and become part of a supportive comradery of others who want the same.  Group discussions include interests, basic skills, and social struggles as each participate and solutions to others within their own comfort zones.  Groups engage in projects that include vision boards, art projects and community support projects discussed and decided on by the group.

Ages 8 to 12 – This group helps kids understand the act of bullying, avoiding trouble while at school, putting plans into place to improve their school experience, options to keep him/herself safe.  This is a group for kids looking for ways to find and make good friends -– Wednesdays 6:00 to 7:30– Knowing you’re not alone is empowering in itself.  These groups meet to discuss what it feels like to be targeted or not included by others.  This hour is spent talking and creating inspirational projects designed to build character, self-esteem and confidence as well become involved in community unity ideas and projects the group thinks up to help and support other groups that may be in need.

Ages 13 to 16 – The struggles this age group experiences are real.  Their perception is their reality.  These groups are formed to let each other know they are not alone.  Groups allow individuals to share their struggles and difficulties.  It allows them to be heard and have solutions offered from peers that become trusted friends and empowering mechanisms for support and needed feelings of self-worth or purpose.


Kids Parties

All party hosts who book a party with H&SS will receive a personalized party poster decorated by the guests, a personalized art apron, an hour to complete the host’s project of choice, a paper carry bag for each guest that can be decorated if time allows, and a half hour to enjoy your birthday song celebration with cake, plates and candles provided by you.  Our staff of ART-sperts will work hard to ensure that your child’s day is special. 

The following parties start at $25 per guest; minimum of 15 guests and 1 ½ hours

Ceramics $25 and up –Guests choose a project from the purchased choice. Guests leave their projects to be fired and will receive a pick-up date to collect all the projects painted at the party.  

Mosaics $25 & up – Guests get to decorate a mosaic of their choice and are sent home with grout, glove and directions to complete their project at home.
Abstract Painting - $25 Guests paint a 12 x 12’’ canvas
Rock a Monster - $25 Guests paint a rock of their choice to design as they wish.  Rocks can be turned into pets or garden guards with the application of two googley eyes prior to leaving.

Abstract Drawing – $20.00 minimum of 24 guests. Since we believe every child should get an opportunity to have a memorable and special birthday at a place as cool as H&SS, this party is perfect for the host whose number of friends exceeds their parents preferred budget.  Guests will be engaged in a guided instruction on how to create an abstract using markers that can later be matted and framed to have and remember forever.  If time allows, groups will be divided into groups for a game of ‘Name This That or It”. Ages 5 and under will use crayons.


Additional Options:

  • One piece of pizza for each guest and a bottle of water - $5 per guest
  • Decorate your own cupcake - $5 per guest
  • Miss Lisa’s famous Ice Cream Cake in a Cone Celebration $5 per guest
  • Prior to the Party, the host can arrange to have guests choose upgraded pieces priced higher for an additional fee.
  • Note:  $100 non-refundable deposits are required at the time of booking.
  • Party changes made within 2 weeks of party date can incur change or restocking fees.
  • For an additional fee, expedited firing can be pre-arranged.
  • Additional studio time 30 minutes - $50
  • Fresh Popcorn for Everybody - $3 per person
  • Candy Art – Coming soon!


Special Programs

Yearly Family Membership – Includes two guardians, and up to four immediate family children.  
$250 Members get 10% off classes and walk-ins.
$500 Members get 10% off classes, walk-ins, camps and birthdays

Class Trips - $10 per student ($250 minimum)
Art History – This trip introduces kids to the History of Art as they learn how art progressed with the changing times. During their “Tour of the Times”, they answer questions for prizes.  After we play a Trivia Game to see what they learned.  

Positively Me – This program emphasizes Character Development by teaching kids to accept others for their difference by first being proud of what makes them different”. We do this by showing kids that the same things that make art interesting are what make people interesting as well. Each child creates an abstract to take home that can be matt and framed.

Scout Badges – Scouts come into the studio to make cards for kids in hospitals, veterans over seas or those in local nursing homes.