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Painting Classes 11-13

Kids learn how to paint background, foreground, shading, color blending, landscapes, still life and more.  Lisa, a certified Grumbacher & Donna Dewberry One-stroke Instructor, teaches the one-stroke method where students load at least two colors of paint on their brushes at the same time automatically giving a highlight and low light to each stroke.  After taking classes with Lisa, students will have the knowledge and confidence to begin to construct anything they get the desire to paint.  Call for updated prices and times that may be available.  Prices are about $35 per 90 minute class plus $10 each class for use of needed tools and materials.  Kids love how calming and empowering these classes can be and I love to see how they develop the confidence and self-esteem of all who attend.

It's ok if this painting doesn't appeal to the painter.  It happens to be a painting that allows for each stroke to be learned with ease.